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Cubapalooza Scout Training Poster


The Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America are an organisation with the passion of giving young people skills and experiences they can use later in life through the use of the great outdoors.


Our client reached out to us for help designing a new flyer for their upcoming event. Training is a key part of any skill based organization and ensuring all of the leaders have the required skills and safety training to teach our scouts is a must. The flyer had to be designed in a way that speaks to the background of the scouts as well as being visually appealing and most importantly, informative.

Work Undertaken by DLI:

  • Graphic design

Project Length:

  • 2 weeks

No. of freelancers provided:

  • 2

"Collaborating with Define Logic Interactive has been very rewarding. All services are very personalized. They are incredibly thorough, ask lots of questions, and are open to revisions based on customer feedback. They listen and truly care about customer satisfaction."  

-Kathi Colbert, VP of Training, Nevada Area Council, Boy Scouts of America

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