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Blue Garden Cottage



Blue Garden Cottage

Sindy and her husband run a beautiful craft business and have been sharing how they cultivate and grow their garden. They share tips, tricks, and updates on their progress on their Facebook Page and Instagram.


Sindy came to us when she needed help formatting her book. She had finished writting it but her Word document wasn't keeping formatting conditions she had set prior to writing. We were able to help troubleshoot her document and help her finalise everything for printing.

Her book can be found here for purchase:

Work Undertaken by DLI:

  • Word document optimization

  • Book formatting

  • General technology questions answered

Project Length:

  • 3 days

No. of freelancers provided:

  • 1

Is technology giving you issues? Why not let us help you out. You deserve a break, let us deal with the problems and the confusion.

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