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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

HOBBIES!! Who has hobbies? I know I have several hobbies. Most of them I do in my head like ice skating, rollerblading, and tightrope walking. And many are just things I collect like postcards, pin badges, and dust on my art supplies. Honestly, if the whole world could just stop with money and needing jobs, I could do every single thing on my bucket list and hobby list and be content with my life. But I guess work adds a nice challenge to my life that wouldn’t be around without the need for money and living. So, who wants to hear about all the hobbies I try to be good at and try to work into my daily life? Don’t worry, I’ll start with the ones I actually do and work my way to ones I wish I did more of.

1. Photography! I absolutely love taking my camera out on a sunny day and getting absolutely nowhere! Seriously, you take me to a castle with my camera, I will probably spend 20 minutes taking photos of the rust on a gate in macro and be ecstatic about it. I try to enjoy all the places I go to and live in the present but honestly I could quite happily walk around an English Garden for 4 hours just taking photos of bees. And yes, I have done that, it was a great time! Most of the blog cover pictures are ones I have taken and a few are ones Luke has taken.

2. Art! Traditional art that is, I love painting with acrylic and watching watercolours disobey your idea of a sunset sky. Just letting the supplies do their own thing is amazing. I used to paint a lot when I was in high school but now I don’t do it much. I’m a maximist so I need to have all my supplies scattered on the floor around me and I need to make a huge mess. I can’t have a few tubes of paint on my desk and some paint brushes and expect to paint anything. My brain likes clutter. In Nevada we have the Nevada Area Duck Stamp Contest, which is as it sounds, you paint a duck native to Nevada and enter a contest. The winner gets their art printed on stamps for the whole state to use. I’m pretty sure it’s a national contest as well. I’ve entered that 4 times (all in highschool) but sadly I never won. In order I got an honorable mention, a third, a second, and a first, but not an overall win. I do miss being so chaotic with my art, but I don’t think my art teacher misses me saying “yea, this is the brief… but can I do this instead?” I’m just saying, my splatter painted sting rays looked a lot cooler than they would have painted realistically.

3. Games! Obviously I like games. I’m a sucker for multiplayer and if I get into a multiplayer game like Back4Blood, I will keep asking my friends to play it until they ignore me. What can I say? I’m dedicated to finishing the campaigns. Among Us, I love that, but no one plays it so I don’t get to. I am a big fan of brain teasers, so Sudoku, Wordle, solitaire, casual games really. I love boardgames and I thrive on the hatred we all spew out in Monopoly. UGH! It’s amazing! Again, another game no one plays with me, probably because I get annoyed when no one follows my rules like “If you pass Go you get £200, but if you land on Go you get £400.” To me that is way better and much more incentive to pay attention to the board. If I’m the banker, I’m not going to remind you, you have to do that. Hmmm maybe I should have worked for the IRS or something instead of making games….

Teaching Gabi to game

4. Miniature Painting! I’ve tried it, and if I find the right minis, I can get into it and don’t want to do anything else. But like all my other painting endeavors, I just don’t have the time or the space to be bringing in a ton of minis and showcasing them in places. I have a few I’m working on (once every 6 months) but nothing major.

5. Napping… yea, I love a good nap. 2 hours is good, 4 hours is optimal. I’m kidding though…. Or am I?

6. Movies and Television! Yea I’m a sucker for a good tv show. I love binge watching and yes, I can turn on the same movie 4 nights in a row if I like it enough. The first watch is my “What’s the storyline” and the other watches are learning the lines and looking for inconsistencies. I have seen Gilmore Girls about 8 times, Big Bang Theory 4 time (but I jump around in that show for background noise), and I’ve seen the Pirates of the Caribbean about 26,385,101,984 times. I love putting those on when I’m modeling or dressing and environment because I can see it in my head, I know the lines, and the music is fantastic! It’s just a nice re-watch. Oh and if anyone asks in the comments, I’m strictly a 1-3 kinda gal. On Stranger Tides was horrible and the one with the Spanish armada and the trident thingy really shouldn’t have been made. Captain Barbossa is my favourite character.

7. Dancing! I used to dance as a kid/teenager so whenever I get the chance and a nice flooring, I’ll whip out a few pirouettes, fall down, and then miss my dance teachers and classmates. I mainly miss my flexibility, it wasn’t much but at least I could jump over a street puddle without all my joints popping and aching when I landed. Maybe one day I’ll go back but finding an adult ballet class in my area is impossible. It’s almost as if dance studios here don’t think adults should be allowed to have fun, but that’s another rant. (Also, gif below is from Center Stage, HIGHLY recommend watching it! A bit cringe but the dancing is incredible!)

So what hobbies do you have? Anything similar? Anything unique? I’d love to know in the comments. I hope this inspires you to try something new or drag out an old hobby this weekend and have fun! Let me know what you get up to.

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week.

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Nov 02, 2022

i love your blogs. And I love your hobbie I have a lot of the same ones. Makes me miss doing a lot of them with you!

Replying to

Oooh which ones are the same? I miss exploring new hobbies with you!!


Oct 31, 2022

My hobbies are game designing, game playing, poetry and writing, singing in the shower, watching out for my little sister, cooking, and now gardening.

Replying to

Oooh love those hobbies! I am an avid shower/kitchen singer myself. What do you grow in the garden?

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