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Project Roman


Define Logic Studios/University Project

​Project Roman is an episodic narrative-driven linear RPG set in South Wales during the time of the Roman conquest of Britain, and Boudica’s revolt in the east of England. Released in 5 episodic installments, aiming towards 3 hours playtime each, Project Roman aims to adjust elements of the story around player actions and choices. We built the choice system that impact dialogue, gameplay, animation and AI behaviour.

The game focuses around Rowan, a Celt-born adopted daughter of a Roman Centurion, who has been tasked by the spirits of Annwn – the Celtic underworld – to bring about an end to the war between the Romans and Celts before a cataclysmic battle takes place.


  • Music - editing, implementing

  • Voice lines – editing, implementing

  • Promotional Trailer

  • Rigging/Animating of characters - implementing into engine

  • Visual Scripting optimization

  • Level testing

  • Dialogue Implementation

  • UI

  • QA and Bug fixing

  • Controller fixing

  • Environment hazards

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