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As a warehouse delivering hundreds of goods each day, training employees is essential to their everyday operations. Because of the time spent training new employees, we were approached by an individual to assist in developing a training simulation for new employees to train and practice without the loss of precious work hours.


  • Music - editing, implementing

  • Voice lines – editing, implementing

  • Promotional Trailer

  • Rigging/Animating of characters - implementing into engine

  • Visual Scripting optimization

  • Level testing

  • Dialogue Implementation

  • UI

  • QA and Bug fixing

  • Controller fixing

  • Environment hazards

How Many Freelancers Were on the Job?

As we learned more about the training process, we realized it was important to show off the Wins of learning something new. Not only will the employees see which objects they miss-sorted, they will be able to see which ones they correctly placed and where the missplaced ones should go next time. This encourages growth and, let's be honest, who doesn't love beating their high score? We worked alongside the Project director to create assets, textures, and providing constant advice throughout the preojct.

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